Fort Lee Athletic Club
2029 Palisades Ave.
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
(201) 944-2594

The Fort Lee Athletic Club is a private non-profit civic organization founded in 1910 to support the youth of Fort Lee.  Located near the George Washington Bridge, the club sponsors youth sports and special events designed to promote opportunities for boys and girls in Fort Lee.
Membership has traditionally reflected a cross-section of business leaders, politicians and other public servants.


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Membership Application
Meetings are held
on the Second Monday of each month
Fort Lee American Little League

8:00 PM


Members:  Your user name is your first name and your password is your last name.  If this does not work, reverse them or contact the secretary at

New Clubhouse Update

The construction of the new clubhouse is well underway.  The steel work has been completed, the floors poured and the framing has begun.

Check here soon for construction photos.

To view a video and bid farewell to the original building, visit YouTube

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Many of the historic images on this site are taken from:
"Images of America: Fort Lee" by Lucille Bertram for the Fort Lee Historical Society. ISBN: 0-7385-3509-5.  Available from


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